Roll With the Punches...(or balls)

So I started a new category in my blog called "Life's greatest lessons". What I want my boys to realize is that in life there will be things they can prevent and simply somethings they can do nothing about.  They are learning that this year through adversity. 

I've witnessed one of the most hateful dreamkillers take person satisfaction in trying to break my son's spirit this year but I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to teach my children from it.  I asked him how he felt about the the circumstances of the past weeks events and he said, it's teaching me what I will witness in life, who I aspire to me and who I will be nothing like. It's unfortunate that adults...often teachers, coaches, role models, mentors don't realize the power they posses and the influence they have in childrens' lives. It's up to us as parents to remind them that this is life and sometimes it knocks you down.  Everyone isn't happy for you, everyone doesn't want to see you success and there is nothing that you can do about it sometimes.

If I have learned anything in all my years I have learned that, in life, one has to simply roll with the punches. Punches will certainly be thrown in life. Life offers a variety - jabs, quick jabs, right and left hooks, uppercuts. Combinations. Sucker punches. Often times, we are able to see them coming and quickly avoid or move completely out of harm's way. There are other moments where we are unable to see an oncoming blow, and it lands at its hardest. As if it were thrown with an evil intention. In some instances, our knees buckle and we end up being knocked completely off our feet.

10, 9, 8
Down for the count.

If you have ever experienced one of life's most crushing punches, causing you to become laid out, then you know exactly what I am speaking of. This is the point where it's no longer about life. It's all about you now. Your trial by fire. Your will and determination. What you are made of, in the face of adversity.

 7,6, 5

Get up? Or play dead. I say, play, due to the fact that you are still breathing.

Dazed and confused, concerning what did just happen, you take a moment to gather your thoughts. Then come to your senses and become even more stunned once reality hits; you are being counted out in life. In the midst, the voices of your supporters are heard. They inspire.

"You can do it. Get up!" they scream, almost beg. A look of concluded satisfaction is noticed within the eyes of those who eagerly listen, awaiting the full count of ten. The ones who had always questioned your heart.

Doubt sneaks in. Your psyche is bruised. You wonder if you put the punch behind you and stand up, if it will only lead to your being knocked down, again. Instinctively you rise to your knees and elbows, still feeling the aftermath. You look around and see all that awaits you in life.

Same goals, same obstacles, same challenges as before.

Listen, do not give up!

As long as you have breath in your lungs, do not ever allow yourself to be counted out in life.

Stand up, and continue to fight.

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