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Throughout life, I've had many male friends. They always seemed to be more genuine, honest and generally just deeper than my girlfriends who'd rather hear how wonderful they are than the honest truth.  I've been that girl in the past. Now, I hold the truthtellers just a tad higher so they will enable me to be better.  Ive listened lately to alot of talk about how "we" believe that black men don't appreciate "us". So untrue. I believe more than anything else, they simply don't KNOW us, or rather we don't allow them to know us. So in honor of that, I've put this list together, 10 things I'd love to say to a black woman.

10. You often have the most beautiful voice in the room, no need to scream, no need to curse, no need for the bitterness, disrespect or to call attention to you. When you speak, people listen. Remaining calm and cool is so completely sexy. Ask any man, the way to a black man's heart is not always through his stomache, often it's through the heaven in your "hello".

9. Your smile is incredible, whether it be a smile or a smirk. Your mean eyebrows...not cute.  A black woman's smile, genuine smile, can seal the deal.
8. Who else can make kings out of "bastards". We have the power to grow a boy into a man. To make a small amount of groceries smell like Jesus is coming.  To dry tears of pain with our kisses, hug you until it feels better and make massages that put him to sleep. Your nurturing power cannot be replaced.

7. Those potions, lotions, creams and gels all work. Your skin is more beautiful than anything I've ever known. Ever watched your man when you are fresh out of a tub and go through your lotion ritual. You crawl in bed in your underwear and t-shirt and he leans over to touch your thigh? That small moan he makes should tell you.  Enjoy it, take care of it, appreciate that it's true "black don't crack".

6. You are a queen, beatiful in all of your splendor. Men only insult you because they are confused. They are trained to destroy or conquer everything they see.  They can't figure us out.

5.  If you ever see Don Imus in public pay him no mind and know that for every 50 great black men there is a bigot who doesn't understand or appreciate the beauty of your beautiful skin, gorgeous body and the power that you hold.

4. You are like a sunrise in a nation at war. You remind people that there is always something worth waking up to.

3. A man that loves you, truly loves you will love an appreciate everything about you. If you are married he will also help to cook and clean in order to show you that traditional gender roles have no place in a happy marriage. Equality is alive. A happy home consists of two people both working together for the good of all those who they raise and take care of each day.

2. Never ever stop putting your children first, they are our future and if we can't do it for them, then for who?

1. Never stop pushing. This world needs you now more than ever.

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