The People In My Life

I just wanted to say first that people sometimes should take a step back... stop what you are doing... and look at your life... where you've been, where you are, and where you're going... and then take a closer look and acknowledge the people that have helped you along the way... people that have helped you become who you are now...People that have wronged you but have somehow made you stronger.People that have been there for you only for a season never to see them again... but they were still there at some point.People that are distant but always watching you or praying for you.People that love you dearly and sacrifice for you.People that have changed your whole world.People that stick with you even when you have done things that would make an ordinary person want to leave.People that push you to grow, push you to become a better you, not just better.People that have broken your heart.I'm taking a second to acknowledge those people... thank you... thank you for everything, despite the wrong things i may have done to, despite whether or not i have hurt you or you have hurt me, even if i don't know you too well but you have impacted my life in some way... people i don't get along with, but have helped me understand how to love others better... thank you... thank you to those who have educated me, enlightened me, encouraged me... thank you to those who have loved me and shown me that love... life is all the more better because of you all... and you continue to inspire me !!!

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