Little This, Little That

1) I am terribly afraid of failing. Not in the everyday sense of making a mistake, but not becoming the person that i have the potential to become.
2) I am now living in the crazy state of mind right now. Can't explain

3) I am in love with a nice hot bath of bubbles

4) I love massages
5) I hate when there is a whole empty row and someone I don't know comes and sits RIGHT next to me or really close..ugh! Especially the treadmill at the gym
6) too much contemplating

7) I detest people with no common sense!!! No really, i do!!! :-)
8) I'm use to love roller coasters as a kid. Now they terrify me

9) I adore hanging out in the house in my pjs and no shoes

10) I hate catching myself laughing outloud

11) I believe I'm much more complicated than anyone will ever understand.

12) I love to read....looking for my next novel
13) Despise all romance novels....don't hate me people :-)
14) I love new and interesting words....

15) I wish I was more sensitive to other's feelings
16) I REALLY don't like pets

17) I love talk radio

18) I can palm two men's basketballs

19) I hate encountering new situations (new school, new job, new friends, new places)
20) I hate fried okra

21) I love a great smile
22) I hate double standards
23) I absolutely HATE shopping, especially on black Friday
24) I green is my favorite color

25) At my core, i am the same person i was when i was 10:-)...uncontent, serious, curious and nosey
26) I pride myself on being different and slightly peculiar
27) I despise public restrooms and I'll hold it all day to keep from using them.
28)I hate when someone says something funny and people laugh and then they keep saying it.
29) I don't really like other people's small children...I know it's mean

30) I love great sermons

31) simplicity rules
32) I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul!!!
33) I adore music

34) Lover of forensic shows
35) Raisin bran is my favorite

36) I was such an ugly duckling in high school and so skinny that my socks didn't fit my ankles

37) I love to travel
38) I am afraid of cats

39) I'm a product junkie and would love to own a Walgreens or Rite-Aid
40) I would to throw snowballs before actually skiing
41) I enjoy camping...in my bedroom.
42) I am afraid of the dark and that's why I sleep with my tv on

43) Disrespectful and aggressive individuals annoy me
44) I'm way to competitive for my own good.
45) I hate people using my stuff (lotion, soap, tweezers, food).
46) I love a great deal on a nice pair of shoes

47) I don't have any tattoos
48) No piercings except my earholes
49) I HATE being told to do something instead of asked

50) I wish my butt was bigger and my bra size was two sizes up. (Happy 50 items)

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