I can feel it come in the air tonight, oh Lord - Phil Collins

Well, it's that time. Been waiting all season for it to get here and now is the time. Playoffs are here and in the SJS Saint Mary's High School is rated #1 baby! Come get it!

Checked to make sure my boys were focused on the task at hand and grades look good. Next checked their myspace pages for inspection and I found this on Twin A's page...

love it!

On Twin B's page I found something equally as good. Love a multi-talented receiver -

Twin B has gone on to basketball. The last JV football game ended Friday night. Saturday morning he was at basketball practice at 8am. This was the last football reminent I found on his page as he's remade it to fit the upcoming basketball season. Still love that round ball! Can't wait for the season to begin but right now I got OUR (YES I SAID OUR)...okay okay, (THEIR) sights set on a run for the state title. It's all for the parents anyway right?

Be back with an update next Friday peeps!

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