In the Pit of My Belly

So much craziness going on right now. I learned this weekend that I'm not insane. I'm every bit the overprotective mother I ever wanted to be. Found out some information that has recently changed the life of one of my children's friends forever. I feel sad for them. I don't care what ANYBODY says YES, MY CHILDREN ARE SHELTERED, Yes I'm overbearing, protective, too sensitive and too involved in my children's lives. SO WHAT. Kiss my butt.

I'm staying this way.

I feel like sending my favorite song but instead of posting the video I'll post the lyrics.

I may be just a foolish dreamer
But I don't care
'Cause I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere
I'm searching for that silver lining
Horizons that I've never seen
Oh I'd like to take just a moment and dream my dream
Dream my dream
Zoom I'd like to fly far away from here
Where my mind is fresh and clear
And I'd find the love that I long to see
Where everybody can be what they wanna be
I'd like the greet the sun each morning

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