Self Actualization - Continued

Do you think there is ever a time when your children will realize the many sacrifices you are willing to make for their success and happiness? I am a mother who will go to the ends of the earth to insure that my children have a life I believe they deserve. Would it change they way they feel or treat me if they knew? Probably not but it doesn't matter. It is my job to give them a good childhood and make sure they have tools to be successful adults. My children are my joy, my "extra-curricular", my inspiration and my life. I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like if I was never a mother. I realize for most of my life it has been the only thing that even defines me. I've also realized that I will sacrafice ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING for them.Anything,anyone,everything. Is this to my own detriment? Maybe. Do I care? I give not a damn. Will I walk through fire and brimestone for them???? Without a doubt. My answer is an emphatic......YES.


  1. You know... I don't know if I care about whether or not Cole ever really understands the lengths I go for him. I only care if he appreciates me. Judging by his cuddles and kisses and whispered "I love you"'s, I know he does. I would walk to the end of the earth and back just to tuck him in at night---and deep down, I think he knows that. And so do your boys. :)


  2. They will be able to look back and appreciate and fully understand once they have matured and have reached the place(s) that "we" as mothers fight and strive so hard to get them to. No great mother goes unnoticed by her children, believe that. They are "just" children, but they are far more aware than we give them credit for. They appreciate us and love us unconditionally because this is they same way that we feel for them.

    Don't be surprised, but prepared for the day when they dedicate every bit of their success to you! =)