More Susan Smith Type Ish!

Okay so this morning I'm watching the news. I see that a mother and her child were abducted by "two black men" who "hit her car" then put her in the trunk of their cadillac. She had called 911 7 times from her cell phone but the authorities were unable to locate them.

So let me tell you my first reaction when I saw this story on the news. I looked at the screen, pointed my finger to the tv and said "LIAR". Yes, folks. I looked right at the broad's face and knew she was somewhere having a good laugh, and in a day or two would be on tv crying and saying she was sorry and she had some mental "issues". Just wait...it's coming. I didn't know that Susan Smith had a sister....guess she thought blaming two black men would make the story more plausible. Hope they throw the book at this loser. Of course, she will be "evaluated" for psychological problems and then receive counseling....what a world, what a world!!!

Why did I call her a liar before it was announced? Simple! You and your little kid are kidnapped in broad daylight in your cadillac escalade by two black men who force you into a trunk? LADY WHO THE HELL YOU FOOLIN! Even if you were neck deep in the Oakcliff Projects somebody would be calling the police from their metropcs saying "some white lady and her little girl just got forced into a trunk by Pookie and Mookie, ya'll better get over here". Nobody called the police BUT HER! 7 times too!

How can I not be critical of this story following "Mrs. BLACK MAN DID IT", herself, Susan Smith, who claimed that a black man was stupid enough to carjack her and drive around the city with her two little white kids in the backseat? If he was crackish enough to carjack her PURPLE KIA he would have stolen her purse maybe and dropped that car off at the next block....and further more, what mother is not getting dragged by her fingernails as a crazy carjacker drives off with her two babies in the car!


Let's not forget Charles Stuart, the infamous coward who shot his pregnant wife in a black neighbor, not 5 blocks from a hospital and claimed that a black man with a raspy voice hopped into their car and robbed and shot them. Why oh Why would a black man hop in someone's car at the light, rob them and then shoot the man in the stomache and the woman in the head? I mean really! AND THE POLICE. They ran with this BS! Stopping every black man in the city. They made GROUP ARRESTS! I do realize they were doing their job but this dude had the gull to even pick an innocent man out of lineup after creating havoc in Boston's black community. It was only after his brother Matthew Stuart grew a conscious and admitted to helping Charles that night this is story crumpled. The coward did Massachusetts a favor by saving tax dollars and leaping to his own death.

I won't go into the massive amounts of other false stories that I'm sure some other's have gotten away with but I'll leave you with the famous story of Rosewood, Fl. ,in which at least 6 blacks were murdered because of a LIAR!!! The woman claimed to have been raped and beaten by a black man but later a neighbor described seeing a white man leave out of her back door. It was later found that she had a relationship with this man behind her husband's back.

I say this to say, if you want a divorce...LEAVE. If you are tired of raising your children, don't be afraid to be a coward, BOUNCE! Leave them right on the curb and drive away! If you don't want to want to marry the man - just RUN AWAY AND NEVER CONTACT HIM AGAIN! Don't say some stranger kidnapped you on your wedding day. If you embezzled money from your company, MAN UP! Fake your own death if you must but don't involve others! Don't blame Kobe because he bent you over the chair and hit it doggystyle and now he is on to the next conquest! Cheater yes, Rapist no. Oh darn, I'm getting off the subject.

Frustration I guess with a mother who simply wants attention and decides to say to black men stole her and her daughter, meanwhile they hopped a flight to Florida for Disneyworld. What story will she come up with now to get her out of this mess. Stress? Mental Disorder? Drugs? The Mob? Abusive Husband. Whatever it is I hope for once someone has to actually pay for the police effort put into this - IN DOLLARS AND JAIL! We as mothers have all wanted to run away some days. Can you imagine if I ran away for two days and said some white man kidnapped me and was later found in Vegas at the roulette table. I would be CRUCIFIED for life as the crazy black chick who blamed a white man for kidnapping her. I have a feeling this is what Mrs. Bonnie Sweeten has coming though...the soccermom will be receiving whispers behind her back even after she pays her $500 fine and 3 days of time served in jail.

Last but not least, the thing that annoys me the most is that stories like this even make the news. Meanwhile a little girl who escapes her REAL KIDNAPPERS barely made the evening paper and we can't even get a follow up story.

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  1. Here we go again. After all the years of lying white women its sad that they still get away with it. (And colored men and negros still chase after them - ok I'm gone).