The Weekend

(is it the new thing to make funny faces as your parents attempt to take a nice picture of you)

Took a short vacation/tournament to Reno this weekend. We all enjoyed ourselves even though the team didn't win. Funny...it's the first time in a while that we've lost a tournament and I haven't been spitting mad about it.
I guess it had something to do with the fact that my kids were smiling almost the entire weekend. They behaved themselves even about 10 rooms down, they didn't ask me for money all weekend, they were mature and school is over! Well at least the regular school year. Summer school starts next week for both. I'm also looking forward to a short break in the carpool for a moment. Oh yeah, and I won MONEY!!! A descent amount off of $20.00.

I watched them this weekend and thought to myself. Wow - we are doing a pretty good job...well until I saw them eacy receive a tech during the game this weekend. I said "boys please don't do that again, you embarrass us as parents when you go there". Craig however took a different approach "you BETTER not EVER do that again...please my butt". Gotta love it!

I was even more touched this morning when I woke up to the Obama's selection for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She has an inspiring story no doubt. I loved hearing her say that her mother gave the ultimate sacrifice for her success in life and with all that she had accomplished she still only felt as if she was half the woman her mother was. That's beautiful.

Short week! Lot's to get done. Get to work people and make it a great day!

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  1. Do you think they are turning into *gulp* adults??? They grow up so fast :-)

    I don't know if you saw on my blog, but you were my April Blog of the Month! Congrats! :-)