Back Again

So I returned home to my beautiful Cali where the weather is HOT! I really enjoyed Texas but both weekends were rainy...in fact the first Saturday I found myself in the middle of a thunderstorm in which the Dalls Cowboys practice facility even collapsed.

So I return...and feel so appreciated and loved by all. My boys were all waiting for me and Cayden at the airport with flowers, balloons and gifts! Yes, gifts! They replaced my black pumas that I been wearing the hell out of with some fresh new ones. I adore these pumas man! They go with everything. They awesome got me a beautiful top that you'll probably see in a second.

Love it!

My car is in the shop getting new brakes, my house is clean, I had Red Lobster for my belated Mother's Day and beautiful cards too. Wow! I guess absense does make the heart grow fonder.

So my kids were a little annoyed by the fact that I came back with a new favorite song. Lil' Wayne "We Like Her"...interesting and catchy little tune that I won't post at this time until I can find the edited version (smile). I caught myself humming it all weekend.

I also caught up with my baby girl/bff Stacy and enjoyed some time with her. I love her!

My mommy and daddy haven't change. They still are relaxed, give my soul what it needs, fill my belly and let me rest my head. My sister even managed to fly in for a few days so that we could all spend Mother's Day with my mom. Sweeeet!

Now back to our scheduled programming!

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