I caught my blood boiling today while listening to commentators like Steve Young, spew their "knowledge" regarding just how smart they believe Cam is not.  Reality is if this kid was "lighter" there wouldn't be a problem in the world with his past issues.  The media would say...he's a kid, he was young, his daddy is stupid, that has nothing to do with him. Instead you hate you cause you ain't me. You hate me cause I went to a JC first and did my thing, then transferred and did my thing, and finally went to Auburn and did the DAMN thing, point blank. You hate me cause I am the the alpha male, the BLACK KEN DOLL! 6"6, good hands, good feet, Adonis with a great smile and I'll make more more than you've ever seen. That's the reality of it. deal with it!  Cam's daddy thinks highly of his kid. He said what many others think "all that money my son making for ya'll, he should be getting paid", so what...he said it...DAMMIT! AND? What's that got to do with his son? His son made some early mistakes...just cause he isn't Grant Hill who never made a mistake in his life, and you have been perfect and lived straight your entire life. Everybody's story doesn't start out that way. Yeah, I said Grant Hill...ya hurd me!
"I was very immature during my early career playing college football. I will be the first person to say I wasn't ready to play football at the time. And I was too naive to even think that way, but now I'm looking back at it. I wasn't ready to play football during the time I was at Florida," he said.
Stop sitting and judging people that you don't have nothing to do wit'.  You mad cause your sperm didn't produce no million dollar babies? Don't be mad! Be happy..now you get to sit and hope he messes up every Sunday. Go Get 'em Cam

Stop hating

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