Welcome, Friday. I've thought about you all week and your presentation did not disappoint: 72 degrees, sunny and pleasant. April is a very demanding month during the week, so I'm living for the weekends to catch my breath.
A blog reader asked that  I share 7 facts about myself, so I tried to think of things that you wouldn't already know. Here it goes:

*I'm 5'7" and have really long arms, legs, feet, fingers and toes. Really long.

*I sleep with the tv on ALL NIGHT
*I love full body massages more than anything!.

*I love Reese's peanut butter cups and miss them so much.

*I eat sweet potatoes and tuna a lot right now. Not necessarily together. I think I could live off of those two things though.

*I love movies anything Jada Pinkett, Ray Allen and Kobe Bryant.

*I constantly battle self esteem, but I'm working on it.

 I love to save affirmations, excerpts, quotes, scriptures, and any and everything that inspires me or triggers a significant train of thought. It's a great way to stay inspired and make sure you don't forget those spontaneous ideas that pop up.

Here are some things I captured this week:
"You know when you listen to music playing from another room? And you're singing along because it's a tune that you really love? When a door closes or a train passes by so you can't hear the music anymore, but you sing along anyway...then, no matter how much time passes, when you hear the music again, you're still in the exact same time with it. That's what love is like." ~Found this written in an old journal. I don't know who wrote it made me smile.
"Many of us squander precious natural resources - time, creative energy, emotion - comparing the size of our talents to those of others. Today, ask Spirit to call forth your authentic gifts, so that you might know them, acknowledge them, and own them. Do you want to live more abundantly? Have you buried your talents? How can we live richer, deeper, and more passionately if we aren't willing to invest in ourselves? Many of us have played it safe for too long and wonder why we are miserable. Playing it safe is the riskiest choice we can ever make."

~Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach
"Discovering who I was and what made me tick also required that I listen to people's criticisms. You can imagine how easy that was for me. Normally, when someone criticized me, I'd feel bad and run around trying to get people to see things my way. In the process, I didn't always tell the truth about what the person said in the first place, which eventually got back to that person and then I'd be in a whole great big mess. When I was afraid that someone wasn't going to like me or was going to be mad at me or leave me, I'd lie. I'd say whatever I thought I needed to say to keep someone from being angry with me or from leaving me. I didn't know it then, but now I understand that I did these things out of fear."

~Doorways of Support and Inspiration, Iyanla Vanzant

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