Busy Busy Busy

My life is like a steady stream of chaos right now. My plate is full. Pilled to capacity with rich  fattening foods, over-salted vegetables, and well marinated meats. Socially, I have a waiting list of people that I need to hang out with. And I'm thinking about all of them in some way or other.

"Nesha! You're ignoring me! We have to catch up!"

"Hey! When are we going to hang out? Let's go have a drink."

"I want to see you! Can we have lunch tomorrow?"

-slopping  on mashed potatoes-

I've been in a game of phone tag with a friend for about 2 weeks and I can't seem to have the time to talk to her.

"Stop ignoring my phone calls!" (via text message)

-piling on mustard greens-

I haven't had a good conversation with my mom in a week. I have 3 classes that all have papers/projects due in the next seven days. I've cooked a real meal in my kitchen twice this week. I'm juggling two projects that need way more attention and the laundry is piling up. I'm worried about the amount of money being spent lately of things that are absolute necessities and gosh darnit I'm back to biting my cuticles. Today, its actually theraputic for me to write and also begin making my menu for Thanksgiving. Grrrrrr, homework to do and this day is almost gone.
-adds a slab of chicken-fried steak-

I'd love one quiet day in bed when my thoughts don't say...this HAS to be done today. I want to sleep. I want to bake cookies and watch a great movie. I want to snuggle and not move an inch.

-add some of that good ole sweet potatoe pie -

No matter what I do, or how hard I try, someone goes without something they need from me. I'm worried about flunking an assignment. Or being a bad friend. Or being undependable. Letting down my family. Forgetting something that my husband may need me to do.

God knows I can't do it alone, so I'm trying to trust him. Meanwhile, keep up with the momentum.
I put this in draft mode...released it today after I added that  I received a BEAUTIFUL pair of diamond earrings from boo as an appreciation gift. Thank you God for answering my question regarding if anyone was paying attention.

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