For Colored Girls

I saw it, and in my opinion...It is clear that Tyler Perry took on this project with the best intentions to make this something to be proud of. Based on his history of broad comedies and thin dramas I doubted he could carry the dramatic heft of this film, an ambitious adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s acclaimed play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf,” but I think he succeeded.

I'll go so far as to say that I liked it so much that it was almost as if he had no creative input in the movie at all. If Kimberly Elise or Anika Noni Rose doesn't at least get Oscar nominations for their roles, then something is definitely wrong. But that's just my opinion. I think my husband was the only male in the packed theater that looked like he wasn't forced to go see it (there were 3 more black men in the theatre).  I enjoyed it so much although it broke my heart. Unfortunately I related to some of the more serious topics in the movie, others just broke my heart. The acting was impeccable.  As sincere as the movie was there are still some who will never understand the plight of the african american woman. 
One thing different from the original was the policeman. Thank goodness Tyler put him in the movie so that all black men don't come across as horrible.  I am so proud of Mr. Perry for his work. He broke my heart, made me proud and honored the gift that God has given him. 


  1. I love your review of the movie. Though Hill Harper's character turned out to be a good guy, both me and my sister expected for him to have been the one to give his wife the untreated STD and turned out to be wrong! It just seemed like that's where they were going with it.

    On the two you named for Oscar nods, I absolutely agree! Both of them...and if not both, at least Kimberly Elise. That girl's acting is flawless. She is so believable in ALL her roles. Love her!

    I have never read the play, but I felt the movie was done well. I thought that part with the gay husband should have been played by a woman that could have pulled it off and make me feel all of her pain/anger. I think...Vivica, maybe?

    There were parts that broke my heart, and there is one character that I related to so well that I found myself thinking about it a lot once I got home. She explained her plight so well and the WHY of her actions, that she finally provided me with answers I've sought out for years.

    Sisterhood is powerful, when it's real. We need more of that amongst US.

    Good post.

  2. And gurl!!! No you don't have Yearning for your Love on your playlist!!! All time fave!