Football Season is over

Well, we did our job (yeah, I said we)...but Friday night our season came to an end after facing Grant High School, ranked #4 in the nation, #1 in California. The prediction was that we'd get blown out 70-7! yeah baby! If we had to go out- let it be by the best. We had them on the ROPES! We went up 8-0 quickly after a safety and a trick touchdown.  Our fans were so pumped and let me tell you we were DEEP in the hood!
Too much talk, message boards and news attention the upcoming week about shutting down #30 let them to smash on my little guy each time he came near the ball and let me tell you with a o-line and d-line averaging 260 lbs, I was holding my breath each time he TOUCHED the ball, but I was so proud of my 5'8, 170lb baby that managed to tangle up their 275 lb linebacker all night! YEAH BABY! In the end it came down to us shooting ourselves in the foot multiple times with off-sides penalties time and again and 2 face masks walking them into the endzone. We have the respect of our town and the section and that's all we wanted.  Final score 20-11.  Basketball season starts today for Twin B, Twin A says he will continue to concentrate on football. His rationale...do I want to be a great high school basketball player or play football at the next level. Hmmmm, I love you son. Great season.

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