Problem Is...

My creative juices are on a rampage lately. It's keeping me from being able to truly focus on one thing.  By this I mean that my ideas are just on overload. Ward Sports is in full swing and I can't decide which project should come next.  There are some ways to monetize my blog that I've been offered and I want to make the right decision.  My script writing is bizzonckers right now. I know there are so many rejects but I'm on overdrive with the screenplays and possibilities in my mind.  Just listening to people talk sometimes makes me say, "wow, great book idea"..."whoa...great screenplay".  I found a screenwriters class but there somethings I have to sometimes do in secret so that my folks don't think I'm crazy...what I mean by this is that there are SO many things I want to accomplish and try in the next few years. Quite simply, my bucket list is GROWING!

Top Six:
Sell a Screenplay
Write a book
Finish my degree
Learn Sign Language
Perfect my spanish
Take top 3 in a physique contest

slightly insane, dedication needed HUGELY for every single one. Not to mention this is only my top 6.  In the meantime, the winter league is ramping up and I'm about a 1/3 of the way to the membership I want to have by 12/4.  Lots of girls this year. Interesting! I love it. 

My two newest clients are two sisters ages 14 and 10 and definetly hard workers.  I notice they are much harder to break than the older ladies. They tire me out before I wear them down. I think sometimes I do too much of the workout after doing my own in the morning because I have to rest just as much as they do sometimes, but I'm definetly starting to see some change in their bodies and their strength. I love it.

For now...I push towards this continued to peace that I now have and I'm so happy that joy is abundant.

PS - My daddy has just become the new assistant Pastor of his church in Texas. I'm so happy for him and my mommy. They deserve it all.

All love,

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