Women - Can't we all just get along?

I've never had a ton of female friends. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new people, but it's way easier for me to make friends with the opposite sex. When it comes to women (or should I say girls), something always gets in the way of what could have been a potentially great friendship. Somewhere down the line, she'll "switch up" & become a completely different person. I've seen girls transform from sweet & down-to-earth to jealous, petty, & stank almost overnight. Not only are men easier to deal with, women put too much emphasis on the wrong things and who's "greater than" when it comes to friendship. It's all about how you make them look when it should actually be about what you have in common and how you support each other. In other words, if you out-shine her in any way, she might take that as a a threat & kick you to the curb. In some cases, she'll keep you but talk about you behind your back the first chance you get. 

I thought as I got older this would fade and maturity would take over but as a girl it is, hair, clothes, make up, your boyfriend, your parents car, looks and gossip.  As a women it is all those same things except it includes, kids, husbands, jobs, cars, houses etc.  It's really quite sad that sometimes you can't share a story about your child without your girlfriend trying to "one-up" you.  Get your hair done and you'll know its cute if know one compliments you...but go through some drama...and boy...they circle like flies.

A little perspective on why I think women can't seem to stay friends:

Quantity over quality.
Most of the women in the age group of 18-25 would prefer having a million fake friends over 1 or 2 real ones. As you get older you will notice women seems to break away from that and only have 1 or 2 good friends.

Friendly competition is natural, but constantly trying to out-do someone is just petty.

A single, attractive man is probably the easiest way to put a rift between two basic broads who don't see why the other deserves him more. Meanwhile, he's not thinking about either one of them. As a grown married woman, don't let your husband be worth a dang and show you affection in front of your friends...they'll not only hate, but start a fight with their husband over it and have him hating your husband. :-)

Don't befriend gossipers, then turn around & get mad when you're the one being gossiped about. The rule I've found is if they talk about the person that they hang around with most, you can ASSURE they are talking about you.

If you suspect she's jealous, that's because she is. There's a reason why she always finds something wrong with you, or never gives you props when you achieve something or know you look great (you know when you know you looking good, not just thinking you looking good).

Girls tend to feed off of it. Women run from it.
The friend thing should go both ways. If her car breaks down, you're the first one to come pick her up. When yours breaks down, she's throwing up the dueces... Not a good look.

I've found that my best friends tend to be a little older than me or have known me when I wasn't "spit". They are proud of how my life is and how hard I work to make life better for my family. Treat your old friends like Gold and shake the drama, selfishness, jealousy and competitors.

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