What If's

The present

What if I never wondered what if (since I can’t go back in time to retrace my steps anyway )

and just went on with my life, accepting the choices I’ve made, and trying to make better decisions than I’ve made in the past? What if you considered your mistakes beautiful?
The future
what if;
You lived everyday like it was all that mattered.

You put your passion to work 24/7.

You changed everything.

The structure around you was just an illusion.

Things were infinite in all directions.

Nothing was as out of reach as it seems.

You stopped overthinking and started acting.

You focused on the small things to achieve big.

You learned one new thing every day.

You decided to stand up and stand out.

You showed your true personality.

You considered your mistakes beautiful.

We all found a common ground.

You helped give someone new a chance.

You worked to improve things bit by bit everyday.

You were exactly who you wanted to be.

You approached everything without fear.

You defined a career mission.

You were the one changing the world instead of watching the world change.

You worked backwards.

You stopped looking in just one direction.

You cared about being remarkable more than making money.
You used your influence for good.

You took action today.

You didn’t just follow, you made genuine connections.

You spent time each week trying to inspire someone.

You ignored those around you who are jaded and surrounded yourself with the right influences.

Your work was just like breathing.

You embraced forgiveness.

You weren’t afraid to join the conversation.

You kept a positive mindset, even when things aren’t perfect.
You knew then what you know now.

You took a chance.

You decided to set yourself apart from the crowd.

You worked to achieve your dreams instead of just dreaming them.

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