The Eaglet

Have you ever studied Eagles? Recently I heard a very interesting story about them. I promised that I would share this story with my friends and family because it was so amazing to me.  Eagles are the only birds that mate for life. Their life span is 20-30 years and if one mate dies the other may find a new mate but they stay in the same nesting territory. 

Now all this is well and sweet and the fact that Eagles are monogamous is wonderful but the thing I found so interesting was the female eagle.  Her ritual is just so pure and "motherly".  For weeks, sometimes even months she drops a twig near her potential mate and he swoops down and grabs the twig. She flies higher and drops the twig and he flies down and grabs it before it can hit the ground. She continues to fly even higher in anticipation that the Eagle will fly down and grab that twig over and over again and each time she drops it from the highest of heights...he grabs it.  She doesn't get tired. She plays this little mating game until she is satisfied that he is THE ONE. You still don't get it? You will. Watch for it.

Now when she makes him "her's" and allows him to bound with her for life and create eaglets, he has proven that he can care for her and her babies.  Once the eaglets arrive it is her job to teach them to fly.  The eaglet is the only bird that does not come from the womb knowing how to fly instinctively.  It must be taught.  Momma eagles takes the bird up to the highest of highs and drops them, continuously until they "get it".  Some may fly...some may fall to their death but the majority of the time, those who do not get it right away must be dropped and caught. Now you get it huh? Who's doing the catching? Old papa eagle down there is watching his post.  He's caught enough twigs in mid air to be able to catch his little babies by now. 

Moral of the story to my sisters out there...when making babies with Tom, Penis and Harry...make sure your baby daddy can catch a twig before you let him "catch you"...for life.

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