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I'm not much of a movie watcher. I like documentaries, history and forensics but my favorite movies are about love and the melodrama that surrounds it. In any other movie genre I like originality. I like not knowing how it's going to end. I like being at the edge of my seat, but with movies about love, I love predictability. I like the idea of someone finding their love, losing them due to some misunderstanding (or family issue, racism, crime, drama, wrong time of life etc) and eventually getting back with them, and the two of them living happily after. Yes, I now am willing to admit that I am a hopeless romantic. I thought if I wrote it enough times I could talk myself out of it but it's true.  I believe in love and the power of it to be able to conquer all. I love Pretty Woman, About Last Night, PS I love you and An Officer and a Gentleman...but I'll be honest...the greatest love stories in my book are my african american cinema...we love hard, we love good, we love rich and poor. We curse it out, pray for it, fight for it, punch at it, condemn it, kill for it...but mostly black actors seem to make me just feel it!

My favorite is perhaps Brown Sugar, Claudine, and Love & Basketball. My ALL TIME favorite Mahogany. My other tier includes The Best Man, Jason's Lyric, and Jungle Fever.

Of course Pretty Woman was a feel good movie but not likely. It still makes me smile though.

Demi Moore has always been a favorite and at an early age I was drawn to About Last Night, a movie about when it happens to fast and you overlook small things chaos and finally destruction happens.

PS, I love you is a cute little movie about love and death and how people move on. I found myself feeling so badly for the lead character but in the end so happy for her growth.

Officer and a Gentlemen. Need a say more. I still want to have a man come pick me up at work and carry me out with my legs wrapped around him everytime I see this movie.  The shower scene in which Richard Gere cries and holds his friend who has just committed suicide is still a scene I watch like I've never seen it before...and him and Lou Gossett make this movie a hit for life.

Brown Sugar. wow...what more can I say. I love this movie. I think what I love most is when they are sitting on the bench in the park and he tells her that he reads her column every single month.  I love that park of the movie. I catch myself smiling while I'm watching it, especially when they are wrapping to each other "I met this girl when I was 10 years old and what I love about her, she had so much soul.  That song be reminding me of us". Love it!

Claudine. Greatness even before I was more.  If you haven't seen this, you better ask somebody. Better yet, rent it! If you can't find love in the hood, in the projects, which a million kids when you on welfare and your man is garbage man. You can't find it anywhere.  The dramatic scene in which the pregnant daughter comes home to tell Claudine and gets beat with a brush is a scene that will never leave me but the joy I felt when they all (and I mean all) going to jail together in the end...THAT'S LOVE!

Love and Basketball. How can you not love a movie about black people and love. A good one at that.  I didn't have a favorite scene except for maybe at the end seeing him on the court watching with his daughter watching mommy. I enjoyed the entire movie and for some reason everytime it comes on tv, I watch it over and over.

Mahogany. Anyone who loves me knows this is my favorite love story of all time. I know the words through and through. It reminds of when I was a kid watching my mommy get dressed but the bond between Diana and Billy is untouchable...except for in Lady Sings the Blues...my other favorite so I combined them because to me they are one and the same. My two favorite scenes:   

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