RIP Cora Jurand

Yesterday, we lost a beautiful woman. To me, her name was mom. She was my mother in law. It was sudden, quick and completely unexpected. I texted her last week and told her I finished my first quarter back to school with a 4.0.

She texted back and said, "I'm proud of you, I love you, lets do lunch next week". She is only one of a very few family members very close to me to die and I'm reminded of how much I continue to say I'm going to tell those I love how the way I feel much more, but continue not to do it.  I'm not sure what God is doing here. I know that's it's not always good but it's always God.

Mom, was such a good mother in law. She never ever took sides. She listened, gave good advice and told me what she would tell her own daughter but would still rally the troops around her son if need be the way I'd do my own son or my mother would do me if her baby was hurt. She never missed sending me a birthday card on any occassion, and I always got an extra special gift from her on my birthday.

If if she couldn't make birthdays she always sent a gift, and you could count on her to come through the door with a huge smile and lighten up the room. One conversation I shared with her about her baby boy being so friendly to EVERYBODY she said, "well, he can't help that, he came by it honestly". I knew exactly what she meant because she would find the person I couldn't stand the most in a room at one of our events and talk their face off and be sure to tell them what a wonderful daughter in law she had.  Mom, you know our last conversation and what it meant to me. Thank you for living me with that. I love you.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to her. It's not often that we can speak so highly of our Mother In Laws. That puts us in a special category. My thoughts and prayers are with you.