On fumes

So it's about 10am and I'm on some crazy fumes I guess. My anxiety has come and gone and I've been up all night. Philosophy, the dreaded class that has tried my nerves, frustrated me to no end, made me damn near through the lap top across the room, kept me up in the morning and now made me stay up all night is nearly done.  11 weeks ago I began the journey of attempting two law classes and a philosophy class in one semester. I feel tired in my body, but that 7 page philosophical synthesis on ME is finally done. Honestly, I could have probably gone back in this blog and pulled out all my thoughts and opinions and created something grand but my professor might have thought that without my ties to Aristotle, Plato, Kant and Einsten it was worthless. At least by his standards. I have done more citing, quoting and paraphrasing in the last 10 hours than in my entire college career. My mind is mush and I could think of nothing more than to write about it before I slept for a few hours.  It is due today at 1:00pm. I submitted it at 3am this morning to the sounds of my family's snores, Trutv, Ledisi and my space heater.
I could have turned it in a week ago, but then, that would be uncharacteristic of Nesha. Instead weekly this class has been a struggle for me and my work has been submitted usually at 12:30pm, a half hour before the deadline. I'm glad it's over. I will say, I know more, but about what? That is a discussion for another day.
At the same time my law classes make me smile. It's coming together. I received an A on my midterm (the only A in the class) and I will take my final next Monday. I'm worried but the material has stuck for the most part.  I don't really like this class much. The majority of the students are paralegals and it frustrates me when the professor, an attorney says "when you all go out into your field as paralegals..."...ummm not. Not bias, it's just not my thing.
Okay...I'm wrapping this up. I'm exhausted and rambling. Twin B is the only one playing a sport right now. I sometimes wonder if Twin A misses basketball at all.  He's training already for next year's football season. Twin B is having a great time but hasn't quite got his basketball legs under him, hence the hands on knees after three trips up the court.  His team won their first tourney this past weekend in Santa Cruz. Nice weekend, but not beach weather. I was so cold the majority of the time and it's nearly impossible to get a cell signal in that hole. Okay, okay enough...until later. Above is an updated picture of me. Season training (diet wise) begins this week. My current weight is 146...yeah you like huh. This is so not cute. I don't have clothes for a 146 lb body, I looked like a stuft potato in most things.  I've put on the weight and the muscle and now it's time to trim it down a bit and get ready for March. Enjoy the full face. It will be leaving soon.

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