Thoughts on this quarter...

...and so another quarter down and my journey continues. This one has by far been the most difficult from me with two law classes, my final english course and a philosophy course under my belt.  Funny thing is, I started to drop the philsophy course a week in. I found the text book drab and confusing, the text book boring and the questions often frustrating. I thought I'd be better taking it in the classroom. After talking to my adviser, who didn't respond to my email until another week had passed, I figured, "okay, two weeks in and 100% on both of the homework assignments,  I guess I'll go for it".   I fought it tooth and nail the entire way.  In one forum I even stated "this philosophy crap is simply a way to try and prove God does not exist, it's foolery".  The week of the whole 'Does God Exist" and write proof that he does and proof that he doesn't, truly wanted to make me throw in the towel.  I didn't realize that we were on the downside of the heel and there was light at the end of the tunnel.  Last week, I finally turned on my research paper ' My Philosophy On Life'. I figured the professor would think I'm a quack by most of my absurd ramblings and ideas and my thoughts on life.  Thursday I woke up to an email stating that he found it "eloquent, poetic at times and a joy to read". 
This class has truly opened my mind to things I thought but not shared to most except for my readers here. It made me think beyond "because I said so and that's the way it is". It helped me say "and I believe this because...".  Regardless of how I did on the final I'm pleased with my work and happy that  I took the class.

On other fronts, Legal turned out great and so did Torts. I'm a legal head,  I realize this so I flew through the classes and was excited to take the finals. I await my grade but I've finally reached the knowledge of knowing when I did good on a test and when  I bombed it. I bombed the philosophy final and kicked but in the legal classes. The English Final is tonight. Fortunately/Unfortunately it was a course that know one, including me realized that  I didn't take.  It may save my gpa after a possible bombed philosophy final. I learned a few new things but for the most, I wished  I would have taken this english course at the beginning of my college career and will push for the boys to take it, as it may help greatly in not getting back a sea of red on their early essay...if you haven't figured it was Intensive Grammar.

I'm so happy to not have to open any book except my preferred reading on the Nook for a few weeks.  I look forward to quiet holidays except for the fact that I'm 15 weeks out from the next contest and dieting has begun.  My plain chicken, rice and brocolli have grown old quickly. I'm saving my first day for Christmas. I see myself getting stronger each day and  I had an Epic workout today.

blessings to all see you soon.

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