I find it inevitable that I am constantly thinking, like a hamster on a wheel...it's frustrating often but I understand what my truths are. Just decided to list a few of late:

  • I seem to be easily annoyed by those who lack motivation
  • Being pushy gets you nowhere with me
  • I'm constantly analyzing everything and everyone...different from judging...simply analyzing.
  • I will admit it, I'm constantly stressed worrying about the unknown future
  • I do not judge loud, obnoxious flashy people, I just have low tolerance for them
  • Once you enter my heart you are there forever
  • I am completely shy and reserved in the beginning but once I'm comfortable all bets are off
  • I'm a bit cautious at first but only because I'm surveying the situation before I react to it.
  • Don't doubt me...it's bad for you
  • I like to do everything myself, this way, there is no worrying about something not being done properly
  • I don't mix well with disorder
  • You'll only know what I want you to know about me, no more, no less. Trust!
  • The slightest thing turns me completely off. Unfortunately that goes from everything (people, clothes, food etc)
  • Sometimes I crave solitary, I don't know why...I just do.
  • I hate being controlled or smothered
  • Insult me after I've been kind to you and I will kill you with silent treatment and ignore your whole existence (I know, yuck huh)

I'm working on myelf once again in 2012.

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