Not much to say...Football done

Twins and Ya Ya and Pa pa

High school football is over. I've had a blast. These boys have made me love this game. I mean realistically, I've always liked football. I had a football boyfriend or two and enjoyed watching them on the field but nothing could prepare me for the love I would have for this game once my boys suited up in the pads.  The thought that my son would take a role in which every game the defender would be set on crashing him and ripping the ball from his hands as he fought for yardage has made me sick, thrilled, insane, excited and many other indescribable emotions. 

Last Friday we lost to a team that was not better than us but, definitely more prepared for the emotions.  We showed up to a dog fight in our ballet shoes. (I posted the whole story, then decided against it and erased it). The boys played their hearts out and left nothing on the field. I'm proud and I continue to fall in love with the men they are becoming more each day.

College awaits, back to the bottom of the totem pole on the football field as Twin A continues to ponder his next move. Twin B moves on to basketball and his senior season on the hardwood. 

On a side note...CJ and Daddy's team won the championship! CJ enters the Ward realm of building a tradition of champions!

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