what's on my mind right now.

-Life as we see it, doesn't happen like we like, nor how we planned. Our plans will be in place and LIFE will throw some curve ball at you that will leave you rescheduling, redesigning, rethinking. That's something i've come to learn and deal with.

-I am concentrating my energy now on my family right now and my crafts and everything else secondly.

-What is my purpose here? Do you know your purpose? I think it is one of the hardest questions i have ever been asked. And i would say no at first...because i know what i want, but is that the same as my purpose. I see purpose as contributing in many ways not only to yourself but to the whole of society...so i must ponder on this a while longer.

-Everyone wants to be a writer. Everyone thinks he/she is a writer waiting to published. But truly we must know everyone is not meant to be a writer. Not everyone is gifted with the talent, creativeness to express and convey a new reality. Who are we kidding? Really? I've worked decades on refining my craft and i'm still not satisfied...so i say to all new writers out there. Yes, you may have a gift, a voice, a desire to be known...but if your story don't reside with the masses you are only telling your story to yourself. Refine, practice, redefine, study...not one pianist, dancer, musician, choreographer, artist...relied on just what they believed or what their family believed...it was more. Define who you are, your individuality, your gift...then refine that gift...make it yours. The world is waiting.

-I'm not sure where i'm going from here...i know i have many projects i'm working on and i'm glad everyone is happy with what i've been able to accomplish but some of my projects have suffered, not so much because of my muse, but because i have shifted my priorities and my lack of imagination has led me to lead. I'm not mad at that...in fact in many ways it has helped me to see clearly. but still frustation.

Lately I've been CRAVING an ice cream sundae! For about the last two days! Killin me. I even had a dream about an ice cream sundae sitting on my stomach and I was licking the whip cream. I have issues. I know. The training is killing me. HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

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