If they wouldn't judge me

Couple things I'd (probably) do if I knew noone would judge...

-cut all my hair off and were an Amber Rose

-wear the same black, True Religion skinny jeans everyday for a month. And every other day after that.

-wear house shoes everywhere I went and no shoes to walk to the mailbox

-bear my soul to an extent that even I wouldn't be comfortable with (at least not at first), verbally and in composition, on this blog.

-sit with the most important individuals in my life and tell them how I feel

-write each one of those individuals a letter to express everything I'm sure to fail to verbalize.

-disengage in most everyone else.

-be honest with employers when realizing mid-interview, I don't want the job.

-be less inhibited in discussing love, relationships and sex

-I'd give more hugs

-travel more often, maybe even sometimes, alone.

-go "public" with this blog

-be more upfront about the "story behind the story"

-just do it

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