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I watched a poetry event last week on tv. And while the actual poetry reads were lackadaisical, the experience thereafter was satisfying. Best thing I've watched in a while. As with all human interaction, you're often forced to confront some things about yourself. For me, it was my less than positive thinking sometimes. Nevertheless, for this one, having little correlation to the event and due to a lack of anything else more inspiring to write about, I’ll discuss my favorites. Some clearly apparent. Some possibly only assumed? Not sure. But, here goes:


Green, easily, with black running a close race.

Current Quote:

“The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference," when remembering that disdain doesn't equate to a definitive disinterest in a person. Also, the understanding that a general feeling of indifference is wholly, the absence of love - for the moments when I find myself giving the cold shoulder to individuals I genuinely love.
Lauryn Hill

*My favorite quote changes weekly!


My mom, hands down.

Pair of shoes:

My Black and White Suede Pumas! Hands down, I could sleep in them. I'll buy another pair soon


 Bell Hooks. Attempting to make my way through all of her books. Current read: Yearning: Race, Gender and Cultural Politics.

Fashion trend:

Jeggings, if you knew men then you know how boney I am right new in the season and these are the only thing that still make me look like "damn, she bangin". Everything else is a potato sack.


Marsha Ambrosia - Hands down right now, she is reading my mind.


Tupac is my all time favorite but right now Wiz Khalifah and Lupe Fiasco is on heavy rotation.


Ego Trippin’ – Nikki Giovanni


Jada Pinkett - Smith - Simply Untouchable


Current Seven Pounds. I love this movie. Like LOVE!

Old Skool - The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh, Imititation of Life, Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany


Lose Myself - Marsha Ambrosia

Conversation topic:

love, relationships, books, kids (sorry), the future

Thing(s) to do on a Saturday morning:

Work Out

Places to shop:

H&M and Macy’s.


All Food

Television show:

The First 48

Quality in myself:

In my 37 years of age, I’ve garnered an ability to quickly determine the limits of a connection with most individuals. I've managed to waste less time….and heartache.


My Blackberry. I feel super typical saying this, but it's true that I can better compose on my Blackberry than on my laptop.

Daily revelation:

I'm stronger than I realize.

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