MIA Sorry...

So much going on right now. Truly too much to explain.  I'm two weeks out from contest date. My body is changing rapidly. Craziness. I'm so caught up in it all it is consuming me. The semester ended. I finished just short all A's. That darn Advanced English kicked my booty!

Boys are SUPER BUSY! Not extremely busy! SUPER BUSY...NOTHING ELSE DESCRIBES the amount of dentist, doctors, camps, clinics, games, football and basketball, swimming, parties, everything goiung on at this moment in time. I'm enjoying it. Cayden will be 6 on Thursday...my baby is grown. All the babies are growing up.

My mind - as clear as it can be for now I guess.  Remants of things sometimes floating through my head but I'm too busy to concentrate for too long. I went to the women's retreat this weekend. My soul has been blessed.  She whispered to me and said, the only thing you haven't let go of is the fear.  Pastor Harper said toss out the Purpose Driven Life, you won't find the purpose for your life in there. I agree. I smile because she said I'm using my gifts, I frown because she said I'm afraid...of what? Life. True.

I haven't written in weeks, more lately...people are hungry, mom must cook.

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