Update and Such

Recently I’ve been more aware of blessings occurring almost daily, than ever before, in my life. And so, when new issues arrive in an attempt to weigh me down, knowing that I have prayed that God continues to find favor with me, and remembering how past issues have been resolved, and when they have been resolved, I still stand tall. And instead of worrying, I'm smiling.

Yes,  it's my smile..open mouth, not me.

Summer is ending and school begins tomorrow for all the kids. I'm nervous about Mr. Cayden entering kindergarten but we'll see how tomorrow goes. Twins begin their junior year and CJ enters 2nd grade.  My teens are now drivers and saving me several trips to their school. I still worry each time they drive away and pout my mouth just a little because I'm worried but I dispatch their angels and ask the good Lord to take care of them.

I finished last quarter with a 4.0 and this summer session has been a bit of a struggle with so many summer activities. It seems like the summer just began and already I'm registering for my fall classes.  I'm a little more proud of myself than I'm willing to admit in public.

Finally, life is good. God is good and my family is good. We've grown so much in the past few months that I still look back and say "wooooowwww", sometimes "whhhhhooooaaaa". Unbreakable.

Love and Hugs

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  1. 4.0! You go, Girl! It's scary how fast time goes, isn't it?