Genuine Love

I found this photo of President Obama and Michelle Obama posted cnn this morning. It was taken as the presidential couple took a boat tour of St. Andrews Bay. I instantly saved the photo and set it as my desktop. At first glance, it’s such a simple photo. (And you gotta love the President’s “daddy” watch!)

But upon further inspection, it truly speaks more than a thousand words and each one is the same: Love.

Both of their hands are on the railing, yet look how they reach for each other. Mrs. Obama’s index finger gently rests on top of Pres. Obama’s hand, and his thumb gently squeezes hers. You can almost tell from this shot that they weren’t even looking at each other, but they stay connected at all times. It’s just who they are. If you looked inside President Obama’s DNA, I bet you somewhere it says, “Michelle Robinson’s husband.”

A love like that doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. It takes time and effort to make it look effortless, but the reward is so great. Let’s all take a moment to be reminded of how important love is and how lucky we all are when we happen to find it and stick with it. We are truly blessed, y’all. Truly.