RIP....Craig Aaron Ward

This year continues...between, the good, the bad and the beautiful God has continued his plan and somethings we just don't understand. Friday my father in law lost his long fight with lung cancer. It was no shock because he was suffering so much in the last few weeks but the shock of losing my mother in law almost two days to the exact day just makes it more painful.  I look at my husband and I realize that he is the strongest man that I've ever known.  If I put himself in my shoes and can literally see myself going slightly insane.  He is a superhero because he has taken blow after blow this year and has refused to break. The power of faith in God continues to amaze me. 

I look at him and I see his moods change and I continue to wonder about his resilience. He smiles, but there is sadness. He is so very happy at times but the two who created him are no longer here. I don't know if anyone is ever truly prepared for that feeling but I'm so very proud of the way he is handling it.  God has made sure to "test" him yet I know he is preparing him for greatness because he continues to bless him with little many rewards along the way. In fact just yesterday, a smile stayed on his face that could not be erased as our son, accepted God to be his Lord and Savior.

Praise God,


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