Live Random

saying no to:
taking life too seriously
staying in the same place for too long
bad ideas
another year with Tmobile's wack service.

saying yes to:
Jesus' Saving Grace
continously learning more about everything
loving and living more and more
great ideas

giddy about:
trusting the process
never stopping pushing this pen
each morning we share

deeply inspired by:
non-profit and grassroots organizations
Real Christians who live their lives as Real Christians
The Bible and all it's teaching me
The Purpose Driven Life
Those who surround us with true love
Authentic Friends

obsessed with:
My reunited love with Jesus
Marvin Sapp's music
re-creating our bodies through this workout regimine
the college plan

in love with:
My God, My God, My God....
Art/Mauscripts/Video Creation/Books

haunted by:
just stuff
why it means... what it means
if it's a sin to be afraid

saved by:
God's unbelievable, inhuman, amazing, beautiful grace and love.

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