All Love...

Cayden's Bday Cake
C and Dad

C saying goodbye to mom

Cayden's Preschool Grad Ceremony
Made it through the week..not a lot to say except for we feel incredibly loved by the small circle of friends that we have...even more loved by friends and acquaintances that said "whatever you need" and meant it. We have adoring friends we've met through our children, work, family and just life. Thank God for them, they helped us make it through. I love them all because the week would not have been possible without them. We managed to get kids to and from a week long football camp, summer school each day, Cayden's birthday, Cayden's graduation, basketball summer league games, a couple airport trips, funeral arrangements, make a slide show, make a funeral program and have minor breakdowns and cry sessions and walks along memory lane about mom along the way. Our friends traveled miles by plane, train, bus, car and so forth on a holiday week even though some knew they would have a 3 hour wait in traffic to get home, they gave beautiful reflections, they sent gorgeous flowers, money and food...most of all support. Cayden had a cake baked for him and a bike bought for him. His cap and gown for graduation from preschool was delivered to the school for us (thank goodness because we arrived just in time to get him in it and in line), and those who couldn't participate called constantly to check on us. I feel loved and blessed to have so many people who helped out this week.  Decided to post just a few pictures and a link to the slideshow. (they've removed the music until it's approved through youtube.com)

Blessings to all,

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