Some ...

Some say it’s unexplainable
Some say it’s unattainable
Some say it’s a true miracle, like two souls finding their other half.
people say its natural, others it’s near impossible.
Some are born together, some search forever; some well they just never find their other half.
Some meet on the street, at the bus terminal, or by chance of an empty seat.
It’s up to fate, some people say.
Other’s make their own fate, impatience, or dismay?
To me, I believe it’s like two sheets blowing in the breeze on a summer’s day.
Like two Swans in a lovers embrace, or a two sided coin in my pocket of change.
Yet, it’s still seems a bit strange this unexplainable feeling of suddenly feeling whole.
But, what if your other half you never meet?
What if you’ve met them, and didn’t realize until they were with someone else?
Where was fate, on a washroom break?
Talking politics by the water cooler?
How does one know if others can’t even describe?
Is there a sign, a feeling, an inner vibe?
Some say its patience


worth the wait.

Some say it’s as easy as hello, that initial feeling that love at first sight where you just know.

Some say.

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