Summer Craziness Continues

Wow! My boys are off...up in the air. I think I'll be a little more calm once they have landed in Texas. As of right now, I'm just a little anxious, nervous, sad to have the house so quiet. But then again Cayden is asleep. They looked so handsome going out the door with their suitcases in tow...funny each had a brush and can of grease in one hand along with their summer reading for school. I'm so glad that I didn't have to remind them to get their reading done while they are gone.

Their report cards came in for summer school too! An A for both in Alegebra 2. Sweeeet! Almost makes me want to rethink the public school thing. If you don't remember from a previous post, I sent them to public school for summer school in order to avoid the cost of private school during the summer and to give them a just a little break. Almost scarey how easily they breezed through the class but it makes me feel so much better about my decision to send them to a school were they have to work a little harder in the classroom. Unfortunatley the summer reading that is required for the start of the school year includes a list of books that are all about 450 plus pages. Twin A chose a book about De La Salle High School Football and Twin B chose a book about The Patriot League. That should have been a given huh?

So just a few more things going on. My dad sent me a picture of the haircut he gave CJ. I nearly crapped my pants. I was so furious but I love my daddy so much how could I ever let him know how much it bothered me. I figured if I acted up he'd only say, "you aren't here so why do you care". Then I'd say "but they know he's my child and he looks horrible...blah blah blah". Then they'd tell me how it's only hair and it will grow back etc etc. While I was contemplating this whole thing CJ called
and he sounded so happy and told me how much he LOVED his haircut and he didn't want to cut it. Meanwhile as blood is running down my mouth from biting my tongue my mother called on the other line to say my father had lost his mind in his old age and she would be taking him to the barbershop to fix it first thing, Tuesday morning. I thought..."there ain't no fixing that". You might as well shave it off and besides it's crooked. Then I just decided, whatever...it will grow back by the time I see him on the 28th. At least he's not a girl. He's having the time of his life.

The next two weeks should fly by I guess. I have millions of things to do before our team leaves for Vegas next week. The boys will arrive on Tuesday only to turn right back around as we hope on the road to Nationals. Unfortunately while we are gone CJ will miss the first week of football conditining but I think he'll be okay. I think the whole town has asked me "when is CJ coming home".

Yesterday I received information for the start of school in the mail. I can't believe we are less than a month from school beginning. Craziness. It seems that summer just began.

By the Way - My albums of the summer - Maxwell as the top of my list followed by Ginuwine and Goapele...love them!

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