Keep It Hot - Honestly, don't get mad ladies

Why wanted to do a post on Why Men Cheat and Why it seems so hard lately to have a happy relationship and I thought about it. I don't know why men cheat...honestly I'm not a man and I don't know why there aren't more happy relationships. I do know this...as a woman...do your part ladies. You have got to keep your relationship HOT. On all levels. There is so much temptation out there. So much stuff for your man to get into and I'm not saying that is a woman's fault by ANY MEANS. If you are just sitting there nagging about where is he at, where is he going, what is he doing and who is he doing it with...MAN... who wants to hear that? I mean, damn...I know I don't. What are you doing? What are you doing to be productive in the relationship. When we do our part then we can fuss about their part. Are you doing all you can do make sure the relationship is on point? When is the last time you cooked your man a meal? When is the last time you sent him an xrated test in the middle of the day or said "Baby let's figure out a way for us to make some more money together". When is the last time you said "I love you and I need you or I believe in you" or got the massage oil out and rubbed his back...or even just his temples? When is the last time you made your man feel like a man? Seriously ladies, we want to be pampered and nurtured and spoiled and listened to. We want to go shopping and we want all this stuff but it's our duty to make sure we are taking of the home front in order to give your man motivation to want to come home and provide you with all those things. Face it...men need motivation and nothing says motivation like "head in the morning boo boo". Okay okay, I'm kidding but you know what I mean. What you won't do, someone else will....gladly... Dont' be mad. It's just honesty. What you won't do, that heffa that wants him will and she'll make him feel like a King.

This is all to say...make sure you keeping it HOT!

Finally let me just say this. Love IS NOT BLIND! So go to the gym. Keep your body together cause you are the first thing your man looks at in the morning and the last thing he sees before he closes his eyes. Make sure your boo likes what he's looking at. Keep it Hot!

Disclaimer: I know I have the poor little women that feel like I"m too tough on them and shouldn't be siding with the men and there is not excuse but it's been like this since the beginning of time ladies. We have to work a little harder. It is what it is. Just trying to keep you up on game.

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