RIP Steve

I feel as if there is something I should say about Steve McNair.I'm not quite sure what the correct words are. I've been thinking of it so much these last few days but I don't really know what to say. I feel so badly for his wife and their children. I'm sure most of what they are hearing right now is so painful. I can only hope that their family is sheltering them from much of this media attention.

As far as Steve, I've heard many different things and I can only hope that he somehow was able to make peace before his death but I just don't see how it was possible. I pray that his accomplishments in life will trump his bad decisions the last few months of his life. I can sit at a computer and say a million things but Mathew 7:1 said it best. "Judge not lest ye be judged". We've all done things that may "haunt" us, that we regret, or would hate for our families to know about after our deaths. John 8:7 "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". If have avoided sin, well then good for you. What a saint you are. I guess that is why the Lord allows us to repent.

I believe for some of us, it is indeed a wake up call about how we would like to be remembered in life. To make better decisions, choose better people, love our families immensely for we never know when our time will come...... but most of all to WATCH and PRAY. God is seriously trying to get our attention in a major way. Not that so many celebrity deaths should be a wake up call because there is death each day, but the fact that those that have everything can loose it in an instance is what is a reality check for many. My minor problems in life are nothing compared to what others may be going through.

Blessings to the McNair family. Love life each day people, love all, appreciate, take care and most of all thank God.

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