Hello Folks

Just a quick hello to let my folks know that I'm alive and kicking. Summertime has been CRAZY BUSY. It seems as if I haven't had a moment. My business is taking off,made it through CJ and Cayden's bday, the booth at the fair is finally over, I took a short vacation to LV and came back with some change in my pocket, I washed and dryed my ipod so I'm currently reloading my new one, I'm still working on me...both physically and mentally. I'm so very happy right now. I have another crazy week ahead preparing my babies for football camp and CJ is still gone to Texas visiting his ya-ya and papa. I've included some pics of my summer so far.

Love to all...it's coming together.


(Cayden's Birthday trip to Great America)
(My new ipod)
(Vegas getting some sun and rest and relaxation)
(Margarita anyone?)
(Unaccompanied Minor on his way to Texas)
(Anniversary Gift)

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