It's just ridiculous how truly hot it is in my city right now. Temperatures for the last two days have been 110 and 108. Today is expected to be another 110 degree day. I haven't slept ALL NIGHT! When I say that I mean it literally so pardon me if my rambling becomes a bit much. I tried to sleep for sure but each time I dozed off it got HOTTER! If finally cooled down to about 90 around 3am (I looked at the weather channel on my BB), and I got up, walked the floor abit, did a load of laundry and checked on the kids and finally laid back down. I checked the weather channel again only to find that by 5am the sun was coming up and it was getting hot again. I'm on a mission not to run the a/c all day so I've closed all the blinds and windows in an attempt to keep it cool. It's not working. I'm hot, sticky and irritated as hell!!! This makes me even prouder of the boys right now we have been sweating the afternoons away at football practice. Yesterday I watched them during practice and I felt dizzy just sitting in the sun. It was so hot I felt sick just watching them go through the drills. I can't imagine having to actually work out in that mess. To be young and full off life! Something that I'm not right now. I think they are two shades darker at the end of each practice. It will be nice to get down to Southern California this week. The weather will be beautiful.

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