So let me tell you a story...a story about a girl from originally from Texas , who had a strict grandmother who raised her and a boy from a small town in Louisiana. At age 18 the boy was drafted into the Navy and shipped out of the South. As a baby the girl's mother died and her and her siblings soon moved to California to be raised by their grandmother. Just as adulthood was setting in, their paths crossed in the small town of Vallejo, CA. After dating for some time, (dating consisted of sitting on her grandmother's porch as Gran sat near by), they soon fell in love and decided to marry. Now we are talking a black couple so of course you know there is some story in between this beautiful story...but alas they became The Mayberrys. Their first creation...well....me of course. Followed by two more sisters. Along the way they've traveled the world, been stationed from place to place via the military and finally my daddy retired in 1992 settled back in California. After 20 years of marriage they celebrated in a huge ceremony but now today 15 years later they celebrate an even greater history with 35 years. I thank God everyday for my wonderful parents. I couldn't have looked down from heaven as an tiny angel and chosen a better set. Together they have learned and taught each other and us over the years. They continue to compliment each other in every way. My mother's fire, my daddy's calmness. My mother's zest for life, my daddy's patience. My daddy's thirst for knowledge of all new things, my mother's ability to conquer any situation. Though I'm sure they have had their good and bad days their first priority never changed as we were growing up, to raise happy healthy children to be better than them. They have taught me how to teach my own. I've learned from their successes and their failures in life and love. The thing I disliked as I child I now adore. The things I loved about them, I've now tried to immulate. On this day I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world. I will continue this post on your 50th. All my love.

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