The No Name Post

So one of my sons' has decided he is in love. I call it his "kindergarten crush". He calls it his girlfriend. I call it a girl that he likes he says it's his best girlfriend ever. I didn't realize this would be so hard for me as his mother. I have so many dreams hopes and aspirations for all of my children. In my opinion, girls are worse than gangs. They keep you off balance, unfocused and soft. I've watched him in the past few weeks doing all the things that I'd hoped he never would. Thank goodness for unlimited text. He has been texting non-stop...when I say non-stop, I mean NON-STOP! His myspace has been updated with her picture to match. I walked into his room only to find him laying in bed, listening to his ipod with some sappy music while staring at his text waiting for it to release the new message. The last few days of school he couldn't wait each morning to get to the yard to see her. I found out from others that he had even abandoned his group of friends to hand with her at recess. I've sat and had 50 discussions with him regarding this put alas, he is "sprung". I asked him had they kissed and his response was yes...I said "french???" and he said "NO MOM, THAT'S NASTY". I figured if this was "nasty" there was no reason to ask about anything further especially since from the time he leaves the school yard 'til he is home he is in my line of vision. The issue for me is that he used to go to the park to shoot baskets. Now he wants to go to the part to meet her. I've said yes a few times, pending you take your little brother! "Watch them closely CJ and don't let them out of your site". I watched him be heartbroken on the last day of school as he said goodbye to all of his friends and he literally came home and went straight to bed for the rest of the day. I'm sure "all" of his friends included mostly her. During 8th grade graduation he took a few family picks but quickly dragged her over to introduce her and have me take a few pictures with her. He then went to meet her parents and I could see in the distance his armed drapped around her, he hugging her around her waist. I'm thinking to myself "what father lets some little black boy take pictures all hugged up on his daughter". Not any father of a 14 year old I know. Craig has been good, I guess. He's the father that says, honey this too shall pass. Let it blow over. High school starts in a month and she'll be forgotten by the end of the summer. I'm sure they'll be a new one to replace her though. I've had at least 4 heart to hearts with him regarding this girlfriend business. I've sat down and analyzed this whole thing. It could be so much worse. He could be with some little hoochie hot mamma who's blowing up my house phone, knocking on my door or trying to teach him somethings. My I still am not ready for this whole girlfriend business. I miss the days of them only loving their momma, aunties and grandma. I pray to the Lord for guidance each day and to help me bite my tongue each time I see him texting. Distractions...sigh. I know each person needs to learn on their own but if I could just keep them from making some of the mistakes I did. Life is too short to learn all mistakes on your own. Sometimes you need to learn from others....I'm hoping that as football and high school begin he'll be entirely to distracted to think of anything but I'm sure he and the rest of them will find a way.

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