Playoff Season - It's Fantastic

Watching Kobe make a killer shot!

wiping toilet seats with clorox before sitting

2011 has been kind

anyone who keeps his or her word

hot days and short shorts

conversation that moves your mind

paying attention to a person's body language

Mint Condition's new CD

thoughts of the women's retreat, I'm excited

the evolution of Nesha

older men who ride big motorcycles with playing oldies loudly with leather vests in 90 degree weather "so cute"


people who don't use turn signals

standing in long lines

The Lakers are down by two and look beaten already

when women say, "whatever!"

when men say "cut it out"

they don't make songs like this anymore

bullies, both kids and adults

my ipod is all over the place again and the playlists need some attention

people who drag their feet when they walk slowly

cleaning up after people who don't care that you fuss about cleaning up after them

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