Laughter is a great feeling. And it's free, but that hardly has anything to do with it.

As God's creation living in an ungodly world, we all must learn to laugh. Not only because it feels good when we do so, but most importantly, it doesn't feel bad.

Laughter opens our hearts and relieves tension as well as the inner turmoil which constantly affects our spirituality. I personally cannot think of too many times where I've felt any pressure or pain while engaged in laughter. If I could, I'd probably laugh at everything said and done on Earth.

Or, until someone refers to me as being "silly", to which, of course, would bring pause followed by more laughter. I hate when people say you are "silly", in jest.

"The bomb goes boom" is a figure of speech. Often said to remind us as to how we have become so accustomed to witnessing acts of self-destruction that, nowadays, we've become somewhat numb to the aftermath.

Moreover, because we're human, we tend to lessen the implications of such destructiveness until the boom itself has been lowered.

Case in point: I remember a time when hardly anyone possessed guns. Now, almost everyone has guns. Big guns, at that. There is hardly any communication taking place, nowadays. Weapons doing all the talking.

The people who use big guns to injure or kill other people with big guns do so mainly out of frustration, and the inability to defuse anger through our God-given outlet. Whereas laughter creates a mental balance, the only thing anger creates is more anger. To the point where the pent up aggression releases itself.


Which, in turn, gives way to a blow-up of major and sometimes tragic proportions. In the end, a time bomb eventually reaches its final tick.

The results are never a laughing matter.

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