So Happy It's Friday - GAME NIGHT...Let's see...Likes/Dislikes

skittles - diggin them right now, especially red and yellow
looking forward to seeing the TOWN
Marvin Sapp's children reading a poem and their mother's funeral
morning kisses
Talapia with Avocado
perfect weather
Letting go....and Letting God
shorts and tank tops around the house
reading between lines
that feeling I feel right now...so much joy

having to share my skittles with little grubby hand boys
people who come without calling
little dogs being carried around like babies...I know, I shouldn't care but it bugs me
the soreness of taking a few days off from the gym (yeeooouch!)
being the last to know something
devilish ways
admitting that i like this song or this one
feeling sleepy so early in the evening
nightmares from eating to late

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