My New " I Tend To"

Job 32:18


18 For I am full of words, and the spirit within me compels me.


End of 2010's "I Tend To":

  • Bite my lip and frown when people say inappropriate things
  • Get a slight flutter in my belly when people drop "F" Bombs
  • be nicer to people than they are to me.
  • Read more on facebook than post
  • Find new things interesting
  • buy books that are interesting to me and I know one day I'll read them all
  • end each meal with something sweet
  • love kitkats but hate to buy them...no more reeses
  • be a little kinder to people determined to be mean to me.
  • hate being late
  • appease my mommy, hubby and the twins.
  • treat people better than I know they would treat me.
  • talk during uncomfortable silences to new people
  • sleep less during the week
  • have better come-backs, too late.
  • convince myself of success. And then I succeed.
  • leave the gym immediately if I forgot my ipod player
  • pray more, read more, Thank God more, love harder, forgive easier and do unto thy neighbor....

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