In the Air Tonight

Okay this is what you have to picture:

10 minutes left until start of the game. It's usually getting cold but I'm still pumped. Rams run out in their green and white and begin stretching...I'm getting more pumped as the clock ticks down about seeing "BAM BAM" hit the hole...every week like clock work just about 5 minutes before start of the game the announcer plays my song, and whether I'm hot or cold..."I can feel it"...and I said "SHHHHHHHH, BE QUIET, THIS MY FAVORITE PARK" by the time the drum solo comes, I'm doing air drums in the air and my kids refuse to look up in the stands and their daddy scoots down just a little. SOOOOO WHAT! "I can feel it coming in the air tonight"!

Let's get it crackin RAMS!

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