So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen - Matt 20:16

I woke up feeling a little different today. I thought I'd feel different than yesterday but I'm still smiling. A little stronger, a little more powerful. I told my son last night "Do you realize what has happened? Do you realize you can now be ANYTHING you want in this world". A received a text that said "Rosa sat so Martin could walk, Martin walked so Barack could run and now Barack ran so we could fly". Our vote does in deed count. Nothing has ever felt more powerful than watching that man stand on a stage in front of the entire world and say "YES WE CAN"...Yes we did. I feel the tears of happiness again approaching. I looked back and Michelle and her face said "hhumpf, I knew it all the time, ya'll just didn't know it...now ya know". I will be forever grateful to Barack Obama for knocking down that door. It even felt good to watch The View yesterday and see Elizabeth Hasselback the "McCainiac" say, "he is our President and I will support him", with all sincerity in her eyes. I feel so damn good right now. I can't stop smiling. Look at what people can do in numbers...not colors....but numbers. O-bama! (la, la, la, la, la....we can change the world) -if you can't catch the tune is my previous post "We are the Ones

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