Anticipation - O-bama

Sadly Barack Obama's grandmother passed today. I wish she had lived to see the greatness of tomorrow but I myself am comforted in knowing that he left his political trail if only for a day or two to see her and say his goodbyes. I'm sure she is telling the angels all about her wonderful grandson.
I'm so antsy today. I don't know if it's from all the candy corn or the anticipation of what tomorrow brings. I'm smiling as I think about what could possibly happen tomorrow. Mr. King, Mr. X, Mr. Garvey, Mr. Marshall, Mrs. Parks, Ms. Tubman...the list goes on and on...what must you all be thinking. I smile as I write this...the majority of this goal has already been accomplished. I visusal Barack and Michelle embracing tomorrow after a long tired fight. Whoever may be who wins this great race tomorrow has a long tiresome road ahead. I pray it is Barack. I listened this morning as The View had SNL hosts on. How they talked about what characters McCain and Palin where and how they were so fun to make fun of. They said they simply hadn't done much on Barack because quite simply...he just wasn't that funny. Please people don't you know. My man is on a mission. He isn't funny because this man has made sure to make his life textbook so continue sifting through his kindergarten papers, his friendlist, tapping his telephone and waiting for his mistake. Barack you are my hero. I am so proud of all that you stand for. I pray that they Flavor Flavs, Tpains, I love New Yorks etc. will take a break tomorrow and show their true selves. O-bama...you are to be honored.

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