Reminisce - With a Drink in my hand

I'm just feeling in the zone right now.
Maybe it's the Midori sore I had a minute ago
or the shot of patron I had after that
possibly this double shot in my hand about to go straight down my throat
but TI telling me I can have whatever I like is making me smile...that's a FACT
I'm looking around feeling like I'm
on Cloud 9 or maybe it's just the smoke in the air
and the fact that I still got it cause I see 'em lookin
but I'm so damn picky I don't even know which one I want to look at
man I'm going back o the bar...I better find my girls
That "GREEN LIGHT" Andre3000 verse comes in so hard!!
I'm on my way to the dance floor moving through the crowd
move the hell out my way cause I'm excited and singing LOUD
and after that they play another HIT
that new song by "T'Wayne" is my SHIT!
"Heeeeyyyy!", Whas Hapnin? all you haters get at me!"
I know all the words if you look at my lips utter the words you'll see
for a second I know I thought you all came to the club to see me
perform all these songs like I do in my bedroom except I'm in the club
in these two hundred something dollar shoes, I know I can't go wrong
...not tonight baby so I know after this dance you ain't putting your number
in my hand, I'm only dancing halfway t hrough then moving back to my girl crew.
I'm just smiling at you, no harm in flirting - so you go to yours and I'll home too
but first I'm headed to the closest place servin breakfast food...Nations in Jack London Square...3am pancakes just ain't fair
and as they let me out at my door, I'm saying damn that's what "Ladies Nights" are for.

Disclaimer - Mommies have fun!

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  1. You keep me young, reading your posts each day. You think some of my thoughts and I enjoy them so much. Thank you!